Offered Service

Bulk Cargo and Container transportation

We have adequate assets to move cargo in bulk and Containerised cargo movement.

Port and Terminal operations

We assist loading and unloading points closest to the client, using water transportation, to reduce logistics costs.

Ship agency

Our in-house agency will ensure the best service and rates for ship operation and transportation.

Heavy Lift and Project Cargo Transportation

Our team is well qualified and experienced to handle Heavy lift, Over Dimensional cargo and Project cargo.

Inland waterways Project

The Inland waterways Project development and regulation of inland waterways used for shipping and navigation.

Recycling of Dredged Materials

We deliver dredged material required for landfill or other construction purposes from the dredging site to the clients’ site.

Technical management

Every technical aspect of shipping is taken care of by experienced and adept professionals, holding years of experience.

Inland waterways Transportation

We have experience in operating our barges on Inland waterways No.1 and No.2 including Indo Bangla Protocol.

TC Hires

TC Hires helps in managing aspects like selecting crews, arranging required provisions and paying charges as necessary.