About Us

A unique voyage

The world’s oceans, rivers and lakes have become highly efficient waterways that transport people and goods effectively and economically. Some countries mainly rely heavily on sea and river transportation for cargo and bulky goods. Inland waterways are widely accepted as it is cheaper, more reliable and more environmentally-friendly than any other medium of transporting goods.

India is currently in its initial stages, with less than 1% of goods transported through this economic and environment-friendly transportation medium. The Indian government, through its main revitalization plan, such as Sagarmala for coastal transportation around the Indian coast and inland waterways, now aims to make use of several large rivers, such as:

  • Ganga watercourse – National Waterway 1 or NW1- to ferry cargo from the eastern seaport of Haldia to Varanasi, some 1,200 km inland,
  • Ganga – Brahmaputra National Waterway 2 or NW2 passing through Indo- Bangladesh Protocol Route from Haldia to Guwahati
  • Indo Bangla - Protocol Route: To connect cargo from Kolkata to Mongla and Naryanganj(Dhaka) and Karimganj(Assam near Silchar).

To conclude, these waterways have now become the foremost logistics arteries of North India.

A little more to know

Ocean Whale Shipping Services Private Limited (OSSPL) looks forward to offering cost-effective transportation services with an emphasis on Inland waterways and Coastal transportation. Our CEO and COO have strategically implemented their ideologies, expertise and extensive experience to precisely craft the mission and vision of the company. This has helped in emerging through the synergy of the compatible shipping authorities. Our distinguishing qualities lie in the self-motivation and core competitiveness of the shipping industry as one of the world's leading shipping, trade, management and logistics companies.

Our professional team comprises seafarers and engineers with seagoing experience, as well as management experience in ship technology and commercial management, staffing and assisting shipowners and managers in preparing external ship audits.

Our Team of Professionals include Master Mariners and Engineers having seagoing experience along with Management experience in Technical and commercial management of ships,Manning and assisting owners and ship managements with external audit preparations of ships.

About Us

Ocean Whale Shipping Services Private Limited (OSSPL) has its roots in Kolkata and uses a combination of multimodal transportation to provide profitable shipping services, adding emphasis on inland waterways and coastal shipping. The main objective is to offer profitable freight using a multimodal transport medium that includes door-to-door services for customers. Our aim is to reduce costs by at least 15% using conventional transportation methods from Kolkata to Naryangaj, Kolkata to Mongla, Kolkata-Varanasi, Kolkata to Guwahati and Kolkata-Karimganj. The goal is to make use of the Inland No. 1 and No. 2 and India-Bangladesh agreement routes at Bangladesh ports.

A Brief History

The company’s founder, Captain Prabhakar Prakash, has extensive experience in shipping in and around the Port of Antwerp and Rotterdam, where inland shipping on the Rhine makes full use of short coastal trade by small boats/ships. It is anticipated that the same model will be employed in India's inland waterways and the Indian coast, and hence project viability studies have been carried out. After evaluating the circumstances, a small barge experiment was carried out to gain hands-on operational experience in the relevant national waterways 1, 2 and the India-Bangladesh agreement.

The following elaborates the successful implementation and test of our hypothesis

  • The first transportation of containerized cargo on the Ganges River in NW1, Pepsi cargo from Kolkata to Varanasi, Pepsi, Dabur and IFFCO cargo from Varanasi to Kolkata on the container barge IWAI R.N. Tagore.
  • For the first time, containerized cargo of Emami Agrotech edible oil was transported from Haldia to Patna.
  • The first bulk railway ballast transportation from the source of Farakka to Naryanganj, Dhaka via the India-Bangladesh agreement route. The cargo was transferred to the Kalpatru group for the Railway project at Tongi in Dhaka.
  • For the first time, Bhutan transported crushed stone aggregates from Dhubri in Assam to Naryanganj, Dhaka through the Brahmaputra (NW2) and Indo Bangla protocol Route
  • The steel cargo and project cargo of the Bhel Rampal Power Plant were shipped from Kolkata to Mongla. We operated 5 barges for the project and successfully delivered the goods.
  • Bulk loading of Fly Ash and Gypsum from Kolkata to Mongla for ICM and Marshal.
  • Cargo loading operations from the mother ship to Sandheads and Sagar barges near Haldia.
  • Rice transportation from Kolkata to Mongla.

Why Us?

Competitive advantage

Not only changes but also delays (or shutdowns) and other factors are also controlled to maximize operating costs and promote the transit time of goods and foster newer and more exciting trade routes that may not be available in other modes of transportation.
Our competitive advantage is the technicalities and pricing of the movement of bulk tanks and ISO tanks. Other extreme delays (detentions) are easy to control.

Strategic planning

We are a purpose-driven company that aims to impact the global shipping industry and leave behind a mark. We are determined to develop the business purposefully, starting with SWOT analysis to realize our "vision 2020", from where we conceived our development and execution strategy.


Develop strategic directions through necessary resource redistribution and coordination plans of business departments. This involves the company's long-term strategy, goal setting, and allows OSSPL to enter new areas by optimizing existing businesses and improving the ability to transform such strategies into achievable goals.


  • Technical knowledge of operating and maintaining marine assets as Senior Management Consists of Marine Professionals.
  • Practical Experience in Managing and Operating Barges in National waterways (NW1, &NW2) and Indo-Bangla Protocol Route.
  • Successfully Executed Door To Door Break Bulk and Container cargo movement on waterways.
  • Have existing Operations of Barges on Bulk Cargo Movement from Kolkata to Bangladesh Port.
  • We are running a dedicated fleet of 6 Barges from Bandel to Mongla ensuring a continuous supply of at least 20000Mt per month of Fly Ash for a reputed cement manufacturer for the last 2 years.
  • Existing support network in Bangladesh to ensure safe and economical movement of cargo in and from Bangladesh.
  • Ocean Whale shipping services and Pvt Ltd (OSSPL) is based in Kolkata, W.B.
  • OSSPL has autonomous offices in India and Singapore and is in a favourable position in the rapidly developing maritime field.


How do we add value for our clients?

We can obtain additional assets according to the needs of the project and customers. For regular cargo volume, we can deploy a sufficient number of barges to serve our customers and provide profitable transportation so that our customers can be more competitive and increase their market share in the regions we serve. We always work with our customers to solve their supply chain needs through waterways.

Our Mission

By consistently focusing on our values and responsible business fundamentals, we shall be a leading Logistics service provider applying best practices to run a world-class fleet of vessels, barges and trailers that are environmentally friendly whilst building mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be the number one cost-effective and environmentally friendly Logistics provider for manufacturers and industries in India and the Asian subcontinent. Connect economies of Different states in India, Neighbouring Countries, sharing prosperity and driving excellence in logistics services.

Our Values

  • Best Customer Care: We endeavor to provide the best services to our customers. This will be achieved by Constant Care by taking care of today, actively preparing for Tomorrow. Constantly being Proactive by forward-thinking, planning and execution. Being Informed, Innovative and seeking out new ideas. Always looking for changes in the environment.
  • Humbleness: Listen, learn, share, and give space to others. Showing trust and giving empowerment. Having an attitude of continuous learning. Never underestimating our competitors or other stakeholders.
  • Uprightness: Our word is our bond. Honesty and accountability. Openness about the good and the bad.
  • Excellence: Passionately striving higher. Passion and pride for what we do and how we do it. Our reputation in the eyes of our customers and the external world is most important to us.

Asset under Management

At present, we hold eight bulk barges of 2200 Mt Dwt 

-with Hold dimensions of 48m x 11m x 4.35m under our management
-that have been employed on the fixed run
-from Kolkata to Mongla and
Haldia – Kolkata and NW1 region.


Capt. Prabhakar Prakash


Mr. Prabhakar holds over 23 years of experience in the dry and wet shipping industry and has served as captain on a number of ships including LPG ships. He is responsible for conceptualizing the project and forming a team to support the execution of the project.

Mr. Suraj Prakash


Mr. Suraj is our portfolio manager with over 20 years of vast experience in capital markets and 6 years of business experience in managing our own manufacturing department. He is responsible for the fund syndication of projects and operations.